8. Not One of Those Americans

When the new lottery machine pulled a twenty from my fingers, I knew I had made a mistake. My gone money was reincarnated as an electric-green balance. “I don’t know anything about that machine,” said the woman at the counter, “but I don’t think it makes change. You’ll have to play all twenty dollars.” My […]


Out On Skyland Road: An Intermission

In his characteristic all-caps print, and with precise lines and arrows, Michael scrawled a crude map on the back of a Glacier Bank envelope. With the pen tip he pointed. “Just take the Skyland Access Road, clock about nine miles, and you’ll see us a little past Challenge Cabin,” he said. Zach asked, “won’t Cassie […]


3. Montgomery, Alabama is Haunted

Montgomery, Alabama is haunted.  By lonesome whippoorwills among the whisperings and the camellias and the pines.  Steepled shadows on Dexter Avenue and the cold bronze likeness of the little woman who started it all.  On her corner she stands  no tired bone in her body,  demurely resistant. Hank by the Riverboat emulates the blue spirit […]