Kill Off the Holiday Blues

Naps bum me out.

A blustery Saturday got me drowsy and when I woke, I felt bummed. My stomach felt crummy. The sun no longer shot through the blind slats; it was dark out. I walked out into the backyard with the dogs. Even the moonless sky was overcast.

I started to think about other things besides naps that bum me out. “God, help me to feel you,” I said. The wind moved. I got the Holy Spirit chills. “Actually, help me to see you.”

I could have kept counting up all the other things that bum me out, but, thankfully, I paused long enough to see the Light in the darkness – the kind of comforting Light you might miss out on if you focus too much on the enveloping darkness. Like a wild rose forgotten, it was there the whole time waiting to be noticed.

Today, we sang “Count Your Blessings” after the Thanksgiving sermon. It’s a practical way to kill off the holiday blues. Unfortunately, it’s just as easy to count your curses. I dare you to pause from your bleak reveries and look for that Light in the darkness. Chances are, you won’t be looking for long.

Photo Credit: Michael Reavis Photography

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