Time With God Is Like Tuning In to a Radio Station.

Morning people make me sick. It’s like they step out with a cup of coffee in one hand and give a friendly wave with the other. It’s like they’re the gosh-danged sunshine, no matter the weather.

Maybe my sickness is really just old-fashioned jealously. I’d like to be a morning person. Not the waving-at-everyone sort, but I’d like to at least wake up before the sun not in a grouchy mood.

This is why I’d like to wake early and in a good mood: Abigail. When the baby wakes, the day starts and it does not stop until she goes to sleep at night. (She really is the sunshine of my day.) Even nap time is unreliable. Even when nap time actually works, I’m a little on edge as I wait for those first cries. During the day, any scrap of free time is precious and usually used up for chores and other noble pursuits. If it’s used up for “me time,” I inevitably ask, “why don’t I do this before Abigail wakes up each morning? It would make the day a lot more bearable.”

When I say “me time,” I really mean time with God. Time with God is like tuning in to a radio station. If I’m not tuned in – or even on the same frequency – my spirit feels like empty station static. It feels chaotic and restless. Feeling like that makes for a long day.

Today, I begrudgingly woke to shower, eat, and read my Bible before Abigail woke up. I do not regret it one bit. I love to sleep in, but I love to feel ready for whatever the day brings before the day brings it. If nap time doesn’t happen today, I’ll feel at peace knowing I tuned in today.

But if I’m not careful, my “me time” will become my crutch. “Oh gosh, I can’t muster a positive attitude right now. I didn’t have my ‘me time’ today.” Or, “I think I’ll just stay tuned out all day long because it’s been a day already.”

Did you know radio stations play all day and all night long whether or not you’re tuned in? Did you know that you can tune in at any time? There’s not a special window of time and if you miss it, you’re out of luck. Nope. God is always on air and waiting for you to tune in. He’s not mad if you miss your appointment due to uncontrollable circumstances or by accident. (Now, I wouldn’t recommend falling victim to laziness and continually missing your appointments by “accident.” Laziness in relationships is just unloving and rude.) He’s right there when your attitude peaks after breakfast. He’s available with what you need, regardless of the time you have available now that you’ve missed the sacred before-the-baby-wakes hour.

Or, think of it like this. The newly freed Israelites had a window of time to gather mana from the fields. They could not store their daily ration overnight. Some tried and they found rotted bread the next morning. Well, our Bread of Life doesn’t have a freshness date. And he doesn’t even portion out what’s available to us each day. We can have all Jesus has to offer at any time of day or night.

Still, there’s something magical about waking up before the day really hits me. There’s something about starting out in the right frame of mind before chaos pummels my spirit. Yes, I’d like to tune in early everyday. Why wait?

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