Cheer On the Dreamers

I was just a meek and mild talent show volunteer the year one of my classmates streaked through the Flathead High School gym. He ran buck-naked through the right-side back door, arced around the key, and disappeared through the left-side back door. I didn’t see, or even hear, a thing. No one did, really, except for the folks on the back row. Word spread, and that night, my crazy classmate – who shall remain unnamed – forever marked my freshman class. So did Rheannon MacFarland.

She introduced herself as Rhea Rusaw and said she was nervous. “Oh, you’ll do great,” I said. (I guess I was the “you’re up next” person.) Rhea climbed the stairs to the big empty stage. She stood in the hot spotlight. She opened her mouth and sang one of my top five all-time favorite songs, “Over the Rainbow.” I watched from the blue velvet stage curtain, amazed. We all watched, amazed. Her big, melodious voice filled the gymnasium and then applause erupted. Her bright smile was big after conquering her fears.

Three years ago, Rheannon married. Her husband dared her to chase down those fears and realize her dreams. Now she sings all over the Northwest – and the country – and looks for how God will move next.

Guys, chasing dreams is tough, especially when you put your heart on the line for all the world to see. The world is cruel, but you knew that already. Yet, it can be a sweeter place when supporters step up to cheer on the dreamers.

If you have a moment, you really ought to cast your vote for Rheannon in Bee Broadcasting’s “Flathead’s Got Talent” Contest, because here’s the deal: from her long hair to her soulful voice, Rheannon channels Crystal Gayle. She’s a firecracker of talent meant for more than little ol’ Flathead Valley Montana.

And dreamers need supporters. Without supporters, we dreamers crash and burn. It is a cruel world, but I know you can make it a sweeter place. I know this because you’ve already made the world a sweeter place for this little homesick dreamer. Thank you!

Please click the quote below to vote. She’s the second to last video. Make sure to click, “I Love This Video.”



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