Take Your Time

Read Genesis 1

I love to paint. Especially with oil. When I finally select a photo to paint, I first use a pencil to sketch the scene onto my canvas. Then, in accordance with what my high school art teacher taught me, I fill in the big spaces first. As a detail-oriented and eager person, it’s tough to wait for those finishing touches. Especially when painting can take months or even years.

My second-ever oil painting took approximately two years to complete. In that time-span, I was teaching high school English and eventually planning a wedding. Though I could not wait to add my signature to the bottom right-hand corner of the canvas, I wanted to take my time and get it right.

“Good art takes time,” I often tell myself when I begin a new project.

God knows all about good art taking time. Though he could have created our entire existence in the blink of an eye, he chose to take it a day at a time. Truly, nothing about him is rushed. Even when Paul talks about the resurrection in the last day, which will indeed happen in the “blink of an eye,” we know this hoped for event has been planned since the beginning.

Much like an artist, God plans out his masterpiece and takes his time.

How can you slow down this week? 



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