I’d Like to Thank My Dogs

And how I came to mopping my floors at bedtime last night while the babies slept and Zach – fresh from spray mopping the master bedroom floor and washing Collie paws with hand soap in the master bathtub – and how we discovered the paw prints, which lead from our room, down the hall, around the corner, into the kitchen, and right at Scout’s kennel door, began as some good stories do, with a question:

“Do you smell poop?”

On this morning, the morning of my one-hundredth post, I’ll not be finding new homes for the hooligans who step in each other’s piles of crap and leave their foul-smelling trace throughout my house so that I spend a cozy Sunday evening mopping my floors. Though I did consider it.

No. I’d like to thank my dogs. They’ve given me much to muse about on Monday mornings.

So, Happy Post 100. Here’s to you, Scout and Rufus.

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