More Than Enough

Her insight felt like public shaming. It was how and where her advice was shared that ruffled me. It was how right she was that irritated me.

Unbeknownst to this stranger, I was doing the very same thing, again. Propelled by the intoxicating euphoria of renewed hope, I was running. Chasing after what only brings me down when the rush of euphoria burns out and reality comes back into focus. Truly, her tough love comment spared me.

Even so, what am I to do with all this creative energy?

Friends, it only took one whole year to begin to understand what “pace yourself” means in this season of my life. It doesn’t mean “keep atop this tightrope with your balanced plates and add more, slowly. Without falling.”

It means:

  • reexamine your priorities
  • rethink your to-do list
  • reshape your schedule

And the better questions are:

  • Who’s expecting this of me?
  • From where does this pressure come?

Not, “how can I be still in all this mess?”

Which, by the way, is always a pertinent question.

Sometimes we must face our messes and acknowledge what expectations and pressures are self-induced. We must open our eyes to the myriad of ways we block ourselves from experiencing God’s best for our lives today.

Raw and yet renewed by these painful revelations, we are empowered to make better choices. We begin to understand we’ve been given all we need for today, and it is more than enough.

Homecoming Life Out Here

It seems home is always the same and yet always changing. What helps you feel grounded? What convinces you that you belong in a place or in a community? Muse over this on your own, or, add to the conversation at @katouthere on Instagram.

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