Not Grow Weary

This is

only the perspective of a former teacher,

only the perspective of a mother soon to send

her child to kindergarten,

only the perspective of a believer, an ambassador 

of Hope and Peace himself:

so let’s do it, already.

We’ve prayed for mourning mothers, fathers, 

and broken towns.

Now let’s pray for guidance

on how to change


Then let’s change everything.

One teacher, student, parent,

and community at a time.

Yes, we know the opinions

of holy rollers for guns

and the convictions of impassioned


Now let’s stop fighting

to be right

and do what is right.

And we know what that is.

Yes, we know what is good.

That’s why we fight.

That’s why we grow weary.

Just as a toxic culture

takes years,



to create,

it will take lifetimes and lives

to yield new growth.

Even then the hard work

won’t be over. 

Oh, but for the sake of our children,

let us not grow weary in doing good.

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