Muse Mondays

What started out as Petty’s the Muse became Muse Mondays – the beloved blog with a catchy name. After three name changes and three attempts to rethink its purpose, Muse Mondays is back to where it once belonged.

Folks, Muse Mondays has traversed the yellow brick road, tapped its heels three times, and ended up back at the “not-so-bad” beginning – all for you.

The “not-so-bad” beginning was the weekly attempt to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. The very heart of Muse Mondays is to get you to laugh, get you to think, and encourage you with my musings on the sweet and simple things of life – all on the most dreaded day of the week.

Are you ready to kickstart a good week? Or to simply get back to where you once belonged? No need to tap your heels three times. Just click the photo above, and may Monday (or any beginning) be a little less dreadful for you.

Peace and Love,


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